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Newton' s Second Law of Motion

When a force is applied to an object, it accelerates. The acceleration is in the direction of the force and proportional to it strength, and is also inversely proportional to the mass being moved.

How to Select a CFX Sensor

Automotive Products

Vehicle Dynamics Accelerometer UCDV-1

Low Cost Dynamic Rate Gyro Model UCG-1Triaxial Model UCG-TX

 Multifunction Three Axis Motion Sensor UCGA 

High Performance Force Balance Accelerometers

Model US4 Bi-Polar Operation

 Model US5 Single Sided Operation

Model UMHT High Temperature Operationn

Miniature Force Balance Accelerometers

Model UM1  Bi-Polar Operation

ModelUM3 Single Sided Operation

Micromachined Accelerometers

Low Cost Solid State Accelerometer USCA

Low Cost Triaxial Accelerometer USCA-TX

Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer Model UCTS-TX


Low Cost  Miniature Inclinometer UITS-2B

High Performance Miniature Inclinometer  UITS-XL

Low Cost 4-20mA Output  Miniature Inclinometer  UITS-2BI

High Performance Miniaature 4-20 mA  Inclinometer  UITS-BIXL

4-20 mA Output  Force Balance Inclinometer  UI-78

Rotational Sensors

High Sensitivity Rate Gyro UGL-1

High Range Rate Gyro UGH-1

Dynamic  Rate Gyro UGA-1

Low Cost Dynamic Rate Gyro Model  UCG-1     Triaxial Model   UCG-TX

High Level Angular Accelerometer Model USCR

Low Range Angular Accelerometer Model UDG-1

Minature Angular Accelerometer Model  UMDG

FFT Spectral Analysis System

SpectraPLUS real-time spectrum analyzer software from Pioneer Hill Software - A free 30 day trial available for download. PHS

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